Galleria KITA Gathering 2010

L-R : Regina (Frontken), Nor Asmahan (Silterra) & Norizan (KTPC) Regina is registering...! Norizan's happy about something...! L-R : Amir Hamzah (Silterra), Peter Loo (BASF), Shukri & Shamsul (PBT) - Amir says he can smell the food...! L-R : Hariah (Frontken) (?), Param (MIMOS), Hze Ping (PSDC) Background : Norhayati (Entegris) & Muhazir (Fuji) SC Lee (NCIA) KK Chai (Wong Engineering)  L-R : Nor Asmahan, Aazizan (Infineon & KIPEHS team leader), Datin Rosmah (DOE), Zubir (Infineon)    Gary Tan (BASF) shaking hands with YB while Tahir (Silterra) & Peter Halm (Infineon) are excitedly talking about something in the background Main committee members getting to their seats with VIP guests Part of the KCSC security team @table 7 KITA Gathering 20.10.2010 JTK reps Najmudin, Amer & MK Yeoh from Fuji Electric L-R : Table 10 - Haslinda, Eleen & Alif (Hoya), Hariah (Frontken)  Sahani (Renesas) telling Siva (Intel) 'I told you so...!' L-R : Haizad (NCIA), Mat (Fuji), Shukri (Fujimi), Monier (Fuji), & Helmi (Intel)   L-R : Table 3 - JTK, Nazri (Wafergen), David (MIMOS) & Gary Tan (BASF) L-R : Sahani (Renesas), Edwin (Intel), (?), OA Lee (First Solar) L-R : Siva (Intel), Zul (Showa), Ismail (Hoya) & Param (MIMOS) L-R : Shukri (PBT) & Mukti (MIDA) at VIP table 2 KITA president, Chai, giving a pep talk to all KITA members... YB Dato' Amiruddin, the guest of honor saying a few words The buffet line...  Amir Hamzah (Silterra) going for the salad...! Saidin (Multitape) eyeing what to eat... Azhar (TMT) & Sharmila (Silterra) KITA's President, Chai, & Nor Asmahan (KITA-HR) getting ready to give KITA's token of appreciation to all the sub-committees  Infra team reps for 2010 - L-R : First Solar (OA Lee), Multitape (Saidin), AIC (Gan), Entegris (Chai), Intel (YK Sow), First Solar (Mustaffa)  KCSC team reps for 2010 - L-R : Fujimi (Shukri), Azhar (TMT), Fuji (Monier & Amer), UniMAP (Hanafiah), Intel (Chuah), Entegris (Chai), Frontken (Regina), AIC (Zaiton), Intel (Simon)  KIPEHS team reps for 2010 - L-R : Silterra (Amir Hamzah), Intel (Helmi), Hoya (Hui Nee), YB Dato' Amiruddin, Infineon (Aazizan & Zubir)  KITA-HR team reps for 2010 - L-R : UniMAP (Hanafiah), AIC (Zaiton), Infineon (Azillea), Frontken (Regina), Fuji (Salleh), Celestica (Zahari), YB Dato' Amiruddin, Silterra (Nor Asmahan), KTPC (Norizan), Entegris (Norhayati), Silterra (Sharmila), Hoya (Ismail), Showa (Zul), Intel (Siva) A KITA souvenir gift for YB Dato' Amiruddin Zaiton (AIC) vocalizing her Power of Love for KITA Group photo - KITA Gathering 20.10.2010 - L-R : Salleh (Fuji), Tahir (Silterra), Alif (Hoya), Ching (PSDC), Hui Nee (Hoya), Ros (ETI), (?), Sahani (Renesas), Hze Ping (PSDC), Azillea (Infineon), Gan (AIC), Regina (Frontken), Hanafiah (UniMAP), Nor Asmahan (Silterra), Najmuddin (Fuji), Hariah (Frontken), Zaiton (AIC), Chai (Entegris), YK Sow (Intel), Zul (Showa), Amir (Silterra), Idris (KITA secretariat), KK Chai (Wong Eng), Aazizan (Infineon), Ismail & Eeleen (Hoya), (?), Haslinda (Wong Eng), Norhayati (Entegris), Norizan (KTPC) Group photo - KITA Gathering 20.10.2010 KITA Gathering 2010 Organizing Team - L-R : Fuji (Salleh), Infineon (Azillea), Frontken (Regina), Silterra (Nor Asmahan), Entegris (Chai, KITA president), KITA secretariat (Idris), Showa (Zul), Entegris (Norhayati), KTPC (Norizan)

KITA Gathering 2010 @KGCR on 20.10.2010 (Refresh or re-load this page if images do not resize)

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